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Ivory's Summer Essentials

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First of all, we just wanted to say how excited we are to be writing our first post! If you are among our first readers, well Thank you and wish us luck...

If you're a SUN GODDESS and can't stay away from the Sun and Summer events, here are some essentials our Ivory Summer Goddesses picked out for you!

Definitely SUNSCREEN!!!

1. Avene is perfect for sensitive skin.
2. La Roche is a favorite throughout all media platforms. Great for Oily skin $22.49
3. Supergoop is lightweight and if you're not a big fan of sunscreens smell this is the one for you $13
4. CeraVe is lightweight and won't break the bank $8

Summer is never complete without a cute pair of sunglasses and we don't mean to brag, wait, yes we do... have you checked Ivory's selection of sunglasses yet? 


 Are you hosting a Summer BBQ this year and you don't know what drink to serve. Sangria is the perfect Summer drink... and lets be real, in order to keep that hot bod you worked so hard for to show off this summer you need to keep your calories in check. Sangria has fruit in it right? so there you go! Bam... perfect Summer drink!

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Check these recipes out!

*White Sangria 

**Classic Red Sangria After 1,000 reviews it has 4.8 stars. I'm sure that is one happy Sangria!

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